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Due to COVID-19 social distancing, telemedicine is temporarily available upon request for follow-up patients only. All new patients must be in-person for the initial evaluation. Most insurance will cover telemedicine in the same way that in-person visits are covered.  However, it is important that you check with your insurer before your telemedicine visit or to call our clinic to confirm this coverage

The clinic uses the platform 'Zoom' to conduct the telemedicine sessions. We encourage all patients to create an account and download the app the day before their scheduled sessions.

Ten minutes prior to the scheduled session, our office will contact the scheduled patient, confirm additional patient information, and provide the meeting id where our clinician will be.

The Zoom app is available on the Google Play store and the Apple OS app store.

Please click on this link for step by step assistance on how to create the Zoom account.

Zoom Myths

Zoom Bombing: Intruder enters without notification. Zoom is a safe platform. We prevent this from happening by not sharing our meeting id publicly. It is structured as a private meeting. The host of the meeting/session has control who comes into the session. Our clinician will confirm the meeting and will be alert to any unauthorized attempt by someone trying to access session.

Sharing with Facebook. Katy Psychiatry does not have any social media accounts.

Encryption. The data of Zoom clients that are hosting the meetings is encrypted and is only decrypted at the receiving clients end that the host confirmed.

Interruptions. The Zoom host client has "waiting rooms" in their application. Our clinicians admit the scheduled receiving client to the meeting.